No More Supplier

The shop that I am getting my wedding dress from is closing. She says that this will not effect any of the orders at all but that when they come in we will have to store them until the day, as she won't have insurance anymore for storing them at her house. This is not a disaster but it is an added worry that we didn't think that we would have.

Ho hum..

We are getting the veil cheap though, we went and looked at the one that she had in the shop which she had been using as a display model. It was fine, she said that if we took it she would steam clean it for us so it would be as good as new. And we could get it for £25 instead of the £50 it would cost new, excellent, one of them please.

Stickman Adventures cont...

Stickman Adventures - A First Inroad

Well here is my first attempt at getting those stickmen out of my lecture notes and into a more viewable format. The storyline is not exactly Shakespear but it was fun to play with the programs.

Great website full of fabulous little moving models!! I have got (Ralph) the free downloadable sheep on my desk at the moment! Think that I might start a collection!! Ralph is certainly a great companion when one needs a bit of positivity!!!

Rosie Wins A Prize

I won a competition!! I entered a competition in the crafting magazine to which I subscribe and I won!! Nothing major but it's nice to know that it is possible! Now I just have to decide what to do with my bookplates!!