Crunch Time...

I have to make a decision on the dress. It is breaking my heart! I have had my heart set on the AA one for ages, since I knew I was getting married in fact! But the other is so much different and has more of a WOW factor than the other, again without being over the top... argh!!

I feel like I am letting myself down as I was so set on the other dress, but I think that I know in my heart that it is the Medieval one that is winning, much more of a dress than the other. Maybe I could get married twice? The veil looks wonderful too, i am getting one that is edged with burgandy silk ribbon, so I am all matching!!

The bridesmaids are easier. Jess modelled a couple for me and it was simple to see which was the best. I know some brides seem to go out of their way to make their bridesmaids look stupid, huge meringue dresses in lime green or something! Probably an attempt to make sure that they don't show them up on the day, but I want my bridesmaids to compliment me and i want them to be comfortable too, so I have left the decision of straps or no straps ups to them, the dresses can be either way. I don't mind I would rather they were comfortable, with that in mind I am leaving their shoe choice up to them too, only stipulation, they have to be cream and obviously no biker boots!!

I'll give you a sneaky peek at the bridesmaids dresses. This isn't the best photo but it'll do. The body of the dress will be burgandy, like the photo but the ribbon detailing will be in ivory. I am going to get the ribbon to go right to the hemline as shown, some have it knee height, but I love full length things. (Its a free ribbon that hangs down, it flaps about, not sewn down the dress.)And as I said above it can have little spaghetti straps, which I think both bridesmaids will opt for, I know I would!

The New Additions

We got two new additions to our family on Friday. Miffy and 'Baby Pig' the guinea pigs. What a palaver trying to get them too. That's what happens when you try to organise more than one person to do something! First of all there was a miss-communication as to which party was picking up which party. So, we passed each other going to the other's house! Once that was sorted we got half way to the pig's when we got a flat, the spare tyre wasn't in the best nick so we changed it and headed back to get a replacement car. Then we reach the pigs, only after begging the sat nav's battery to last! We pick up the pigs, mum and two babies, leave, get message from owners 'sorry we've realised one was booked for someone else can you come back?' So, back we go, leave one pig behind and head home. Missing the motorway exit so taking a different route home!!! But we made it! Only took about 4 hours to do a 1 hour journey!!!