We were walking....

...but not after midnight. After mid-day maybe. We decided to walk a bit of the River Avon Heritage Trail this afternoon, get out in that Spring sunshine. Managed to get a few shots of the river while we are out. It was really beautiful around there, odd to know that there is such beautiful countryside not 6 miles form our house in the middle of Falkirk! Can't wait until we are living out of town again!

They also appear to breed mutant chickens at one of the farms on the route, I wish I could've got a photo of them but I had no zoom lens! These things were huge!! I mean Massive!!

Dunblane - The Visit

On Sunday we headed to Dunblane, of course everything was closed but we had a nice pub lunch and a walk along the river. I can't remember the name of the pub, but if you go to Dunblane, its over the road from the Dunblane Hotel! Anyway, a really nice afternoon and if it hadn't've started raining we could've had a longer walk too!!