It's Over! - Hurray!

Well, it's been a long time since my last post! But I have left Whittards and to be honest I have zero, count 'em.. zero.. regrets! I haven't got another job yet and it being so close to christmas I think I will just wait until afterwards. The job I was chatting about didn't go ahead. Don't get me wrong, I am as brilliant as i think, it was me that turned them down! By the time I had been to the interview and had a follow up call, the week day only, plenty prospects job had turned into, not the same job, every second weekend, no prospects!! So goodbye strange job people.

In the personal life the less said the better, but I think it is coming together again, although many things are still going to take some time but hey ho! that's life.

I have been photoing away again and thought that I might share some of the latests on here. I am really getting into taking photos of animals, I am wondering whether to go to some kind of photography night class thing to try and get some more hints and tips to do better!

Okay, so i have got a lot so I'll just put a few up for now!

So this is the Boys. Rocco and Monty. Monty spent Saturday night 8pm through to about 3pm Monday afternoon up a tree. We had the SSPCA out, a local window cleaner with his ladder and all sorts, but no, Monty just goes higher and ends up about 45ft up, sitting in a crow's nest of all places! He eventually came down of his own accord, with a bit of coaxing from me. Well, 'came down' is pushing it, climbed part way down and dropped the last 15 (ish) feet!
And this here is Pyper. Looking anxiously for his treat, which he gets spoiled with once a day!! Yum! Yum!!