Egypt - Day One - August 13th

Okay, so this isn't as it happens, live action news. Its a pre-recorded show but it is all taken from my original notes!

So, its Day One. We are up bright and early, 6am (little did we know how much of a lie in that was going to seem in a few days time!). We are doing well time wise and hit the Glasgow traffic at about 8.30. At this point I, whom is driving, exclaim

"Oh, the little light has come on" and indeed the small 'fuel low' indicator light has made an appearance. After a brief exchange it is decided that there is enough fuel to carry on so we press forward. Shortly after comes the inevitable, "Oh, that little light is flashing now!" So what to do? We aren't really sure of the road we are on let alone heading into the centre of Glasgow! At rush hour! But head in we do and after much nail biting, one stop for direction and a lot of "I thought she said it was just up here!! What if the car stops!!" But we made it to the airport in the end and all was well.
A flight from Glasgow to Heathrow, then Heathrow to Luxor. 6 hours flying all together and now we are 2 hours ahead of ourselves. We get off the plane and then it is our first encounter with Egypt - a bank that didn't accept Egyptian currency, that'll throw ya! We had to ask our rep to help us out with this strange Egyptian custom. We had to go and convince another bank to accept our Egyptian money so we could buy our Visa! Great start! It was dark when we made it to Luxor so there was little to see out of the windows of the coach but we were able to see that there is hope for the world as we passed by, and I quote 'The Luxor Centre for the Rehabilitation of Special Neds'.
Our cruise ship was large, and empty! (Its the red one in the photo!) We were told that the ship slept 150 but that there would only be 32 of us on board for the duration of the cruise! Nice, that means no fighting for sun loungers or sardine like usage of the swimming pool! We retired to our room, which was very nice and very spacious! They had even, as we had missed dinner, left fruit and sandwiches and juice for us, very nice. There was no wake up call the following morning, although the ship was setting sail at 5 am which aught to do the trick, and little did we know what a luxury a lie in would be! Breakfast tomorrow between 7 and 10.30am.

Heading To Egypt

Well, it's why I bought the camera and it is fast approaching. We head off to Egypt soon and the planning begins. Why is it that you only seem to think of 'things you should've asked' days before you leave? Like 'How do we get from the airport to the ferry?' or 'Do we get the tickets at the travel agents or are we waiting on them being sent?' But, whatever the problems and issues I am beginning to look forward to it. Although, I usually try not to look forward to things, as inevitably in my life, whatever I am looking forward to fails to materialise!

Anyway, I think we are pretty much organised, even with all the little loose ends!! Ten days in Egypt, 7 on a Nile Cruise and 3 in Cairo. We are going to see the Pyramids and the Valley of the Kings and all the other things that one has to see when in Egypt. Seeing all those sights that people are always talking about on TV is going to be great!! And now I also have the camera to record it all! I hope I get some good photos! Those crocodiles had better be scrubbing up thier smiles!!

The New Camera

Okay, so I finally got my new camera, for those in the know or those that want to know it's a Canon EOS 400D. For those who aren't in the know, its one of those fancy looking ones with the big lens at the front!

I have played with, but never actually owned an SLR camera, let alone a digital one! So I headed to the instruction manual...

Good Lord! This thing can all but launch NASA shuttles! But I get the basics, there is an 'idiot' setting so I turn it to that and have a go. After a few random shots of the living room, the TV and a rather disgruntled fiance I think I have got the hang of it.

I head out into the garden and decide to get arty with some shots of flowers! However, the cat has other ideas and insists on being in every shot, even if that means him trying to walk on the surface of the pond! Eventually I give in and just photograph the flowers avec cat. It doesn't turn out too bad however as I manage to get this rather nice shot of him! All totally planned of course.....

Thank you Rocco, you are looking good!!