The Venue

So, we picked the venue. A while ago actually but I am only just getting around to posting about it. Its a place called Guthrie Castle which is right near where we are from. We went there to go to a wedding fair and fell in love with it. We booked it then and there for our never to be forgotten date of 14th August. Well, that;s a lie, we originally booked the 16th, then changed it, so we are already destined to be of the
'Which day did we get married again?' persuasion!
We get married in the Rose garden, weather permitting, if not in the castle itself or in Guthrie Church. Then the reception is held in there function room, called the Pavillion, and we (and 14 others) get accomodation overnight that night in either the castle or one of the cottages in the grounds.
Catering is provided throught the castle but by an external company. we are going for a buffet style, although people get served when they go up, its not a heap it on yourself type buffet. Luckily don't have to choose the actual food until like two weeks before!!